Why Escalation may not be good in Aviation Logistics

Escalation means the team has encountered a unique situation or out of box problem which the team cannot resolve by themselves and need the higher-ups/heads to make the decision for them. The easiest way to resolve any out of box situation is to escalate and let the higher ups make the decision. It definitely simplifies the job of the team as they are not responsible/accoutable for the decision made. But it puts more pressure on the head/manager to make the right decision. Ofcourse, the heads/higher-ups are paid to make decisions, however too many escalations lead to array of problems. Particularly in Aviation supply chain where one aspect affects all operations escalations create more challenges than solving them.

Challenges with Escalation

  • Till decision is made nothing moves - Escalation means wasting time for everyone
  • Often higher-ups/department heads make decisions without knowing the full context of the situation
  • Opportunity costs are huge because higher ups have to drop what they are doing
  • Sometimes escalations create decision fatigue

Resolving Situations without escalation

There are many ways to make sure not every decision needs to be escalated. This can be managed by the team when they are considering the below points in details

  • Measuring the right metrics with right technology ( Aveo-X can help here)
  • Empowering teams to make decisions
  • Knowing and understanding the consequences/risks of the decision
  • Training/Equipping teams
  • Allowing team members to make mistakes if they are learning from them (if intention is correct)

Technologies like Aveo-X can help Aviation companies make faster decisions and fewer escalations.

Aveo-X Supply Chain Module

Screen Grab of Aveo-X Parts in Transit

Aveo X provides quick look at all parts in transit to help decision makers and teams easily understand the situation. Team can easily make decision or choose to escalate within the system itself. This way the team members can quickly turn around situations and avoid making AOGs because of followup delays or decision delays.

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